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The Familiar 04:32
Everything you do and say Leftovers from yesterday Replicating the mainstays Still don't get ya paid Can't you hear what I'm saying I'm breaking your malaise I'm bringing forth new days It spells out your decay You'll offer me false praise Crushing with Cacophony Drowning mediocrity We are here now Rotten pool of luxury Pissing in your stagnant stream A fountain of tears Forty two years Painting all your flowers grey Cowardice keeps you this way Mimicking the way they played Might just get ya laid Something new is heresy Silencing your mockery Destroy insincerity Who cares anyway We all see you're an imitation, a copy We can see all your limitations, you're obsolete
I've made peace with the ghosts in this house Pierced the veil of their innocence Written volumes of close calls and scares Wandered hallways and lurked on the stairs I've thought of ways to leave these rooms Escape the dust and the gloom In a mirror now I can see The only ghost is me In your heart In your heart It's violence Violence Violence
Gave you my heart Took your pound of flesh I leave a trail so you'll follow I marked it with an X and tears from my pillow But you forgot to meet me there I cried and left a lock of hair Loved to death Gave you my heart Took your pound of flesh Butterfly kisses they taste so sweet Look at you baby good enough to eat And when you take your dying breath Like it or not you've been loved to death When did you finally see That you would never be free
Unspoken 05:30
Hey, I know you're afraid Alone at your age And still full of rage cold, your head is a stone Your heart's filled with hate Said they'd make it all great again Hush, as the world that you crushed Turns to ashes and dust Burned and slashed But oh, how low can you go You bitch and you moan At anything you don't know Your heart is a stone Kindness is an act it's not a slogan, I avow What we have is strength it is unbroken, I avow Spoiled, as the seas start to boil You keep shoving your oil Slick down our throats Dare, as if you've ever cared About anything else but yourselves Doomed, the horizon it looms This world is your tomb Rotted womb But oh, how low can you go You bitch and you moan At anything that's unknown Your heart is a stone Kindness is an act it's not a slogan, I avow What we have is strength it is unbroken, I avow
Salem 06:00
Show me futures where we escape What dark specters planned as our fate Prayers and offers filled their coffers Innocence wasted at your altars I know we'll survive I'll make all your wrongs right I'm here out of spite I'll make all your wrongs right Show me futures where we're unafraid Free to practice and to misbehave Fathers, daughters horrors harbored Endless tortures at your torches I know we'll survive We'll make all your wrongs right I'm here out of spite I'll make all your wrongs right Speak the fucking truth You hung us with a noose But we rose up anew Because we're fireproof
Razor Smile 05:15
Validate me, I'm the hottest on your screen Like and share my post and we'll have a spit roast Get so mad you have to pay for Then have the nerve to call me whore Look at these clothes Yeah they're new for sure But you would never know who watches the most Filthy coward, screens are hiding Jack off tosser I'm not vibing I'm so bored, I'm acting Can you bleed me one more river Can you cum just one more time I'm so E, I'm on every stream Look at these teets and bow to your queen This is my choice, you're so damn lame Watch for hours but still slut shame Losers beware or you'll get a cold stare Cause no one really cares I'll never pay my share In one ear and out the other Not my fault you got no lover I give private shows for twenty venmo Expose every hole, watch til you blow She's a poser, you're a loser All just beggars, can't be choosers I'm so bored, I'm acting Can you bleed me one more river Can you cum just one more time Can you cum just once on your dime
Eats Away 06:39
Trapped in my mind it never leaves, beneath my skin it stings Nothing in here I wanna feel so I self isolate Cornered by guilt I can't escape regrets force me to age Leave me here to rot for all these years and die in my own waste Serving time, feel the hate Serving time, night and day It eats away My faith it strays My soul it drains Darkness stays Just to keep me sane Protected only by the fear of my own bitter rage Disillusioned I disappear in a cold, fragmented haze Gilded by tears that never clear, head down stay in my lane Contempt and loathing persevere the more and more I cave Drilled in my skull it never leaves, beneath my flesh it lay Tainted and stained, annihilates joy transmuted to pain Lonely existence never ending, so dull and mundane They say old wounds will heal, but congealed with blood soaked hate
Psychonaut 04:56
Feel the molten flow from your mind to gout Feel the fire grow as you trip and shout The colors shift and fold reality in doubt God damn this ancient mold, can't find my ass from snout Psychonaut reaching the underworld Guided by atoms of quantum swirl Macrodose drifting, raindrops pearled Time travel tripping, mind unfurled You're beautiful foaming at the mouth Lose grip of every hold as you stumble out Just keep those eyes below, don't ever look at them Ignore their stupid show, flaunting arrogance Radiation from the stars Astral projection from Mars New frontiers beyond space dust Communicates with some of us
One Breath 05:32
One breath follows another tired breath And all I see blurring to red Terrible forces hide, in your heart beside You, trapped in a cycle you despise Screaming's the only answer Seconds turn into hours My anger is a cancer My patience over powered One step follows another giant step And holding my tongue is hopeless Feel something die, peace has cost my pride It's true, you must be selfish to survive I can't get any closer to total apathy Drinking brings zero closure One breath into a scream Irrational, I've lost my way All my emotions on my face betray Now I could try to find light But it's useless, I've reached the divide One drink follows another wretched drink And all I feel is the dulling of my brain Cast reason aside, don't you question why We choose, fair weather friends bring our demise Funny what quickly changes One blink you're history Your life in constant danger Fate sealed eternally
I don't want it to be real All your children, all alone Ignore everything I feel In the darkness they come undone Don't tell me it will heal A generation killed everyone It all seems so surreal Be the hero call 911 Save yourselves Now get in your automobile Stacking bodies one by one The truth will never be revealed Filling trenches under the gun No one will listen to your appeal What has been sundered, nothing won Evil forever is concealed Rendered senseless, the last song sung Save yourselves If a miracle is near Could you come and save us dear


released June 25, 2021

Zach Pliska - vox/guitar/drums/synth
Emily Sturm - vox/bass/synth
All songs written, performed & produced by Zach Pliska & Emily Sturm
Recorded & mixed by Zach Pliska at Castle Vazum
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by Emily Sturm


all rights reserved



VAZUM Detroit, Michigan

Deathgaze duo. Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm. New album V+ released June 25th.

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